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      One-Stop Solution

      Zhiben provides comprehensive solutions to supply of raw materials, bio-pulping, equipment customization, mold design, processing and production, in addition to sale service—shipment, delivery and after-sale services.

      Manufacturing Equipment

      Zhiben is equipped with 34 automatic molding machines and 8 sets of pulping systems, which enables us to produce over 10 tons of slurry for 8 kinds of high-quality and high-precision plant-fiber products.

      Molding Machines and Technology

      Besides holding advanced equipment, Zhiben have also put our faith and confidence in our pulp molding production line. We differ in our thinking from the average pulp molding machines manufacturer.

      Thermoformed Pulp Processing

      The mold equipment of Zhiben consists of Swiss HSM, WEDM, engraving machines, CMM, 26 machine tools, thus facilitating the achievement of "0.1μ feed, 1μ cutting, nm-level surface effect"

      CNC Processing and Technology

      Zhiben CNC Processing Center has 25 top five-axis machines that ensure the precision and efficiency of our manufacturing.

      Plant Fiber Research and Development

      Obtained resources from nature like bagasse and bamboo, plant fibers are degradable, deformable, flexible, vibration-proof and antistatic.

      Zhiben Design and Development Center

      Zhiben Cultural & Creative Industry applies advanced tools and develops an innovative mindset to promote product quality and brand image from initial design to prototyping and manufacturing.